Ode to FIL

On reaching fifty, men deemed wise,
Stand back, reflect, Filosophize
On to the next fifty, we all wish you well
The toast is Filipov, our great Friend Fil.Stuart Anderson



  • Fil Filipov, 10 years old
  • Fil Filipov, 21 years old 
  • Fil Filipov

Fil Filipov's Timeline

1946 Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1964 Escaped to Greece
1965 Emigrated to the USA
1965 Various menial jobs
1966 Started w/ International Harvester Chicago, IL
1972 Transferred to IH, Louisville, Kentucky
1979 Transferred to IH European HQ Paris, France
1980 IH Factory in Croix, France
1984 J.I. Case Company buys IH
1987 Case Poclain, Le Plessis, French HQ
1988 Case Construction Equipment Europe
1990 Tenneco Inc., Turkey
1993 Koehring Cranes & Excavators, Terex Corporation, Waverly, Iowa
1995 Terex Cranes, Inc. Conway, South Carolina
1999 Terex Cranes, Inc./Terex Lifting, Chicago, IL
2004 Retired January 1st 2004